contact info

Kalives Apokoronou - Chania Crete,
Greece - Pc 73003

Telephone:+30 6939319883 - 6934193469

Telephone:+30 2825032204

Tel/Fax:+30 28250 31076

E-mail: filiaapokoros@hotmail.gr

E-mail: tounta.philia@gmail.com

E-mail: apokorosclub@yahoo.gr

If you are an Artist Amateur or Professional be part of our Group http://apokorosartclub.webstarts.com/

For any special inquiry or arrangement that you like to discuss with us, please email to: tounta_philia@yahoo.gr

Hotel open: March-November Extra Rental Options *Rent by summer season Apr-Sept *Rent yearly by month Email us for more info…

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