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Guidelines for Covid 19


Covid 19 measures will apply will apply for Summer Season 2021 (discreetly) until any further notice from Greek Government).


Effective prevention and control of communicable diseases in hotels can safeguard the health of the hotel guests and staff. Covid19 is just another virus that we need to face. Overreaction and fear spread by the media should not be taken seriously. It is incumbent on every hotel staff to learn how to prevent communicable diseases. This guideline is intended to provide practical information on preventive measures we take in our hotel and some guidelines you should keep in mind during your visit.

  1. Rooms and Common Areas are cleaned with antimicrobial  detergents (including chlorine, alcohol, etc)-all surfaces (door knobs, tables, escalator handrails, WC, etc)
  2. Linen and towels are bagged at point of generation and washed in high temperatures (≥71) in a professional/experienced Laundry
  3. Rooms are naturally ventilated before and after your departure
  4. Mattresses, Sofas are sprayed with antibacterial sprays often
  5. Floors are mapped with antibacterial detergents and toilet is cleaned with antibacterial detergents and chlorine
  6. Towels are changed every 5 days and linen once a week. However if you require more often, change is possible with a small fee
  7. Cleaning takes place 5 times per week
  8. All Garbage buckets are sprayed with antibacterial sprays
  9. Our maids use disposable gloves and disposable cleaning sponges
  10. Pillow covers and mattress covers are washed in every departure in a professional Laundry in high temperatures. Pillow covers are waterproof with antibacterial material
  11. A/C s are cleaned and well maintained by a professional technician before season opening. Also a/c filters are sprayed in every departure with a biodegradable detergent with antimicrobial properties
  12. Rooms and common areas are disinfected by a professional before season opening
  13. Floor drains are cleaned twice a week with antibacterial chloride detergents

Dear Guests:

  1. Do not leave wet towels (or wet clothes) on the bed and DO NOT drop them on the floor, after you finish your bath PUT them out in the clothes dryer where the sun shines and it can be dried naturally
  2. Do not share your towels (there are towels for each person).
  3. Do not take hotel towels on the beach
  4. Do not seat on the chairs and sofas WITHOUT clothes or with underwear or wet swimming suit
  5. Do not throw or put dirty clothes on the sofas, on the chairs, tables or on the floor. Please put them in a plastic bag and outside in a balcony if you do not wish to wash them
  6. Do not let children put in their mouth toys found in our Children’s’ Corner
  7. Wash your hands often with soap
  8. Do not leave food outside the fridge
  9. Make sure surfaces(bedside tables, commodes, kitchen tables, etc) are not full of stuff in order to facilitate maid to clean up properly
  10. Wash off the sand of your feet with the hose there is outside and on the beach
  11. Prefer natural ventilation instead of a/c. All our room are spacious and hotel is located in such area where air is plenty
  12. If you feel ill please inform the Reception immediately and avoid any contact with other people. A procedure will take place.

Above all, please be informed by reliable sources and scientists:


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