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As you have experienced, Apokoros Hotel embraces DIY and craft deco.

 In our hotel we have a lot of DIY pieces everywhere at the hotel. We are always trying to find some clever ideas, to repurpose some old things and make new and interesting items, which will be useful and fresh for our hotel or maybe for your household. Repurposing old items is trendy, and in the same time it is cheap way to create fascinating items, without spending a lot money and effort. You can repurpose literally everything, just let your imagination to lead you. Here we offer some DIY ideas already done at the hotel. 



You'll need a lamp cord and socket (make sure the socket is for low-temperature bulbs, also always make sure there is no risk of overheating!) A hacky statement piece, equally cool hung alone or grouped together. We have hat lamps in few rooms. 



You’ll need a plain lamp and some tulle (based on how big it is) you can buy it in small pieces or one larger piece. This lamp reminds me of a ballerina’s tutu. Imagine a pink one hanging in your little girl’s room; or a black one in your modern bedroom! We have tulle lamp in the kitchens of our apartments 


The sky is the limit. As it turns out, there are plenty of ways to put bottles to good use! We are staying in an easy way to recycle glass bottles. Paint them any color you like and put flowers, candles, twinkle lights, or just create a piece of art using some duck tape and more paint. Bottles can also be very useful for bracelet holder. 



Wooden pallets can be transformed into interesting and functional furniture for your home. A new trend in arranging homes is creating a custom corner that reflects important features or creating a room full of originality and creativity. While everyone has different tastes, your home you can be rearranged with minimal financial investments, unusual, decorative and useful pieces of furniture, sofas, tables and chairs all that made of wooden pallets. In our Hotels garden we have made a pallet sofa with pillows and a pallet table. The ways in which you can use wooden pallets are endless – you can make club table in the living room, beautiful bed in the bedroom or shelves in the kitchen. What you need is to find some pallets and then paint them the color you prefer. Have fun! 

More Tips soon