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Craft Deco &Activities Boutique Hotel

CRAFT DECO, DIY & Authentic Hospitality


Our main mission is to create a pleasant atmosphere in which our guests can relax, enjoy themselves and perhaps be inspired. We put a lot of emphasis on decorative details based on DIY method, up cycling/recycling and craft deco.


Apokoros Boutique Hotel Craft Deco &Activities is a quirky hotel with light hearted, cozy and crafty room décor inspired by nature and recycled material or material from nature. Our building architecture is based on straight lines; the building is based on primary and regular geometric solids. Colors outside and inside are based on the Color Psychology Idea. Outside our building is painted white and a mixed shade of pink. This color soothes rather than stimulates, making it a perfect color for caring, understanding, and nurturing those that need relaxation and calmness. Inside our rooms, the colors we have chosen are basically white with a touch of blue that inspires tranquility, green for freshness, and light brown for friendliness. Our rooms are bright, airy and sunny. We promote craft deco and local designers that have to say something. With only 7 thematic guest rooms we are small and intimate in size but we express our singularity with our quirky touches and winsome features. Each guest room or family suite has been thoughtfully designed with handpicked elements and furnishings, a touch of whimsy and all the comforts of home – clean, quiet, and tranquil and all the amenities you could want.
Our Craft Deco & DIY Touches offer our customer a new approach of decoration in a hotel. We support creative & craft deco. We do not like faux luxury and commercial products that everyone has. We try to be intuitive and have craft deco touches in all of our rooms and around the hotel using material from the nature and our daily lives, as well as repurposed products. We up cycle and repurpose everyday objects turning a generic piece into something unique you'll cherish forever. We know that not everyone can like us...BUT we do open the doors of the world of fabrics and trimmings. Craft Deco allows us to be creative and special offering our Hotel a personal & homey touch. The decoration in all the rooms is quite different, designed as it were to be enjoyed and lived in as opposed to some strict and soulless design concept.… Every year we change and we add something fresh to our rooms!!! You are welcome to participate in our Craft Deco Project with craft deco ideas and your own constructions that can be put in our rooms with your name.

We stand out with our exceptional warm hospitality and beliefs about travel& hospitality and our guests get to enjoy something out of the box. We have won awards about our hospitality and quirky deco throughout the years. We pride ourselves on providing a quiet, secure, residential location without the party - the kind of place where you go to enjoy a nap, a good book, the company of friends, drinks on the patio and the beauty of an island sunset. Our nature has for ever been to accommodate. We want to be clear who we are and what we stand for. We are a genuine, authentic small inn with our only aim NOT to be millionaires but to accommodate, offer hospitality and earn some money to live gracefully. We pride ourselves in offering EACH of our guests our full attention. We treasure loyal customers and we pamper all guests during their stay. We always strive to satisfy your requests and any special wishes you may have.

We are open to suggestions and we value your recommendations and opinions. We organize events in order to meet you better and treat you as part of our family as well as to make you feel welcomed and experience local life.
So chose us and enjoy authentic smiles, friendly hugs, Cretan hospitality, quality, and all these with pride and style!!!

See you at Apokoros Club!!

ECO-FRIENDLY Initiatives BY Apokoros

We strive to promote sustainability. What we do:

1. Use led or economy light bulbs or solar lights
2. A++ energy fridges & a/c.
3. Painting of the rooms and building is with eco friendly paint.
4. Rooms are decorated with recycled material.
5. The cleaning products are free of chemicals and we try to use green soap or alcohol.
6. We have a program of recycling clothes/batteries/light bulbs/small appliances
7. We promote bike rental instead of cars. Eco-friendly transport
8. There is a biological sewage system where we participate.
9. On request Change of linen-towels
10. Room key holders: wood (instead of plastic, etc)