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 We serve breakfast in our new spot that KOXYLI Beach Bar Cafe has kindly offered to Apokoros Hotel located exactly below our hotel near the beach in a beautiful, relaxing place!

We offer Continental Breakfast. 

Prices 6-10 euros per person

Reserve your spot when you make your reservation or 14 days prior arrival.

 Apokoros “In Room Coffee/Tea Supplies”

We make our guest’s lives a little bit easier in the a.m by creating an In Room Coffee & Tea Supplies Corner.

Enjoy the early hours of the day and prepare your coffee/tea in the best way possible.

Preparing a coffee it is not a routine, it can be a ritual. It is not about the caffeine (not only!) but about the smell, the smell sips, the calmness you feel and the good taste.

Preparing your coffee feels good and then you can feel the real smell and enjoy it in our spacious balconies gazing our views.

*Coffee maker (Filtered Coffee)

*Espresso Coffee Pot (by Kasper)

*Greek Coffee Pot

*Tea Pot

*Electric Kettle

--Mugs, Greek coffee cups, Espresso cups-

Coffee Selection:

Espresso Coffee (250gr, 500gr) Lavazza Rossa-Nescafe Azera- Lavazza Crema e Gusto-Lavazza Oro- Illy Espresso-

Filter Coffee-Decaf-Filter Coffee with flavor (250gr, 500gr): Jacobs Almond, Caramel, Vanilla,  

Greek Coffee

Prices from 2euros-13euros per package

Tea Selection

Tea Bags:

Herbal Tea/Mountain Tea

Tea with Flavors: Mint-Chamomile-Vanilla-Lemon-Peach-Morocco-Cretan Herbs-Green Tea (20sachets)

Prices from 2euros-5euros per package


Brown, White, Stevia, Sweetener, Honey

Coffee & Tea packages ordered when you make your reservation or 14 days prior arrival.

Complimentary Cinnamon Biscuits - (1st day).

All our coffee pots are properly cleaned and disinfected with natural detergents in order not to alter taste of coffee. Tap water is drinkable but for ultimate taste use bottled water.

“A coffee ritual can help you stay sane”