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Trekk Tour & Cultural Journey Retreat

Trekk Tour & Cultural Journey Retreat


Route 1: Omalos – Gigilos

Starting Point: Omalos Plateau (1250m)
Finishing Point: Gigilos (1964m)
From Omalos to Gigilos is about 3 hours (5km); the decent in this trek is 730m

The trek is on the west-side of Leuka Ori, the highest mountain range in Crete.

Also known as the White Mountains, we start from the north-side of the range and head south.

En-route we will see the Samaria gorge from above and the gorge of Tripiti. We will also pass next to the Libyan sea in Southern Crete.

Knossos Palace Visit.

 A wonderful visit in Knossos Palace in Heraklio. Knossos is the largest of the preserved Minoan palaces and thought to be the centre of Minoan civilization. Knossos was the legendary home of King Minos and said to be the source of the mythical Labyrinth which held the Minotaur.

Route 2: Samaria Gorge

Starting Point: Omalos Plateau (Xiloskalo)
Finishing Point: Agia Roumeli

This is a very popular trip with visitors to Crete – the trek lasts for about 5 hours (15km). It is not particularly challenging but the remoteness and scenery is fantastic. When we reach Agia Roumeli we have to take the ferry boat to Chora Sfakion the capital of Sfakia – more about that on the trek!

Aptera Visit (& Almirida Frescoes)

One of the most interesting archaeological sites in western Crete, Aptera was inhabited since Minoan times (the first reference of the city Aptera as A-pa-ta-wa is traced in Linear B tablets coming from Knossos in the 14th- 13th century BC) but it only became a significant city around the 8th century BC.

Its location above the bay of Souda was also strategically important: close to its two seaports Minoa (today's Marathi) and Kasteli (near Kalyves) Aptera could control the circulation of ships and it became a very important trading post in Crete and one of the greatest cities on the island. 

Route 3: Xiloskalo – Melidau

Starting Point: Xiloskala (1300m)
Finishing Point: Melidau summit (1950m)
The trek takes about 5:30 hours (6.5km)

We will pass by the Kallerghi Mountain Refuge (1680m), and then we will continue to Poria (1500m). After that we will continue to our finishing point, Melidau which is the western entrance for other Leuka Ori trips. This trek goes through E4 trekking route but in some points it’s just along a dirt road.

The treks do need any special skills – anyone can do it with an average level of fitness.


7Nights stays-5 day’s activities

Price: 815euros (2 persons: Including activities, stay, and welcome basket)

If you want less days with activities, email us (minimum day of activities 3)

Extra and Optional:

Full Body Massage: 1Hr (50euros per person)

Breakfast: 8 euro per person

Hatha Yoga: 1 hr-50euros 2 persons